What to wear to your graduation ceremony

What should I wear to my graduation ceremony?

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Graduands attending their UWA Graduation Ceremony must wear the correct academic dress. Your graduation gown is open, so in keeping with the formal occasion we would suggest smart personal attire to accompany your regalia. When choosing your shoes, especially if you intend to wear heels, keep in mind that you'll be walking in procession with your peers from the grassed area in front of the Reid Library to Winthrop Hall, as well as navigating a small number of steps up-to and down-from the stage.

The academic dress graduands are required to wear includes a gown, hood and trencher cap (often referred to as a mortar board). The University has appointed a preferred provider of academic dress - GFP GraduationsHowever, graduands may obtain academic dress from any supplier provided the academic dress complies with the University's Policy on Graduation - Academic Dress. For those graduands who choose to order their regalia through GFP Graduations, you can place your order via the UWA On-line Academic Dress Ordering Service supplied by GFP Graduations. Academic dress prices vary according to the award that is being conferred.

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