Changing the default "send" email address

How do I change my default sending email address on my student and UWA research email?

Answer ID 2506 | Last updated on 09/02/2022 02.49 PM

If you have requested a research alias as a HDR student, this will become your default email address - emails you send will appear to be sent from your research address automatically. You can, however, choose to use the generic student email you were issued as well. To have the option to use this alternative address, you need to enable the “FROM” field in your settings. 

For Outlook on the Web:

  1. Log into your Student Email.
  2. Select the Cog icon at the top right hand corner of the Outlook screen 
  3. When the right hand pane slides in, click on “View all Outlook Settings”
  4. On the Mail settings, Compose and Reply, ensure the “Always Show From” is ticked in the Message Format section.
  5. Save and close down the settings.
  6. When you next compose a “New Message” you can click on the “From” option to review your preferences.

For the Outlook applications on your PC or Mac:

  1. When you compose a new message, click the Options menu item at the top of the message window
  2. Select From to be visible. All future new messages will provide that option.
Important: Your UWA research email is simply an alias. Your Uni-ID login remains the default format of and you cannot use your research alias as a login ID.  Office 365 and many UWA applications will require you to login using your Uni-ID or Pheme credentials, but not your research alias.

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