Adding value to your Campus Card

How do I add value and check the balance on my UWA Campus Card account?

Answer ID 259 | Last updated on 02/02/2023 01.29 PM

To add money to your campus card online:

  • Go to the Campus Card website.
  • Click on online account to the left of screen and use your Pheme details to login.
  • Ensure you have pop-ups enabled in your web browser.
  • Use your Visa or MasterCard credit card to add value.

You can also add value to your campus card online or at an auto loader machine in any one of the libraries on campus. Auto loaders accept EFTPOS/Credit Cards with selected auto loaders also accepting gold coins. 

You can check your Campus Card account balance by:

  • Tagging your card at any Library auto loader
  • Tagging your card at any UWA print or copy terminal, or
  • Logging into your online account via the Campus Card website, using your Pheme details

Don't forget to reduce your balance to zero before leaving UWA as it's not possible to refund the balance.

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