Recording bank account details on studentConnect

How do I record my bank account details on studentConnect?

Answer ID 2702 | Last updated on 10/11/2022 01.56 PM

By providing your valid Australian Bank account details the University is able to refund or make prize payments via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

It is your responsibility to provide us with the correct bank information. If you provide incorrect account details funds will be deposited into the wrong account and may become irrecoverable.

Follow these instructions to record your bank account details in studentConnect:

  1. Log into studentConnect
  2. Under "Finance" select "Bank Details"
  3. Enter in the "BSB Number" and click "Check BSB Number". (Note: Ensure you enter the BSB with no spaces. If your BSB is invalid contact the Fees Team via Email Us for further assistance.)
  4. Enter in your "Account Number"
  5. Enter in the "Account Name"
  6. Enter the "Expiry Date" (Optional) Note: No payment transactions will be processed to the provided bank account details after the expiry date
  7. Confirm your bank details provided by ticking the confirmation tick box
  8. Click "Save" to submit (You will receive a message to inform that your bank details have been recorded.)

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