Consequences for late assignment submission

What happens if I hand in my assignment late?

Answer ID 2711 | Last updated on 29/08/2022 01.07 PM

If you hand in your assessment item after the due date/time a penalty of 5% of the total mark allocated for the assessment item is deducted per day for the first 7 days (including weekends and public holidays) after which the assigned work is not accepted. Each 24-hour block is recorded from the time the assessment item is due.

Where there are a number of tasks within an assessment item, the late penalty may be applied holistically to the assessment item after all tasks have been completed.

Assessments submitted later than 7 days after the deadline receive a mark of zero, unless an application for Special Consideration is approved. If you believe you are eligible for an extension, your Special Consideration application must be lodged before the due date, or in unforeseen circumstances, within 3 working days of the due date.

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