Food and drink in the Library

Can I eat and drink in the Library?
Library users will appreciate the need to keep the library clean and comfortable for others. This means, only covered drinks and some food are permitted in the libraries, and all rubbish should be placed in bins provided.

Foods which smell strongly or result in a mess are permitted only in the cafes and café terraces in Reid Library and Barry J Marshall Library, and the Student Lounge area in the J. Robin Warren Library. You will be asked to relocate from all other Library areas if you are consuming this type of food. You may also be asked to relocate from a Library Silent study zone if the food you are consuming is creating noise.

  • No food or drink will be permitted in the Library’s Special Collections.
  • Alcohol is not permitted in any areas of the Libraries (including the cafes and café terraces).
General and recycling bins can be found in all libraries and cleaning products are available from library staff if required.
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