GAMSAT study preparation at UWA

What do I study at UWA to prepare for the GAMSAT?

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You can find information about the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT), including testing dates on the ACER website. The three sections in the test are:
  1. Reasoning in Humanities & Social Sciences;
  2. Written Communication; and
  3. Reasoning in Biological & Physical Sciences.
The third section assumes knowledge equivalent to at least first year university level chemistry and biology, and A-level/Leaving Certificate/Year 12 physics. More information about the GAMSAT preparation strategy is available online.
UWA recommends units which will help to prepare for the GAMSAT. You may choose to study individual units, or to look into postgraduate studies which incorporate these. These units can be added into any UWA Bachelor degree as major, complementary, elective or broadening units:
The listed units are recommendations which you may like to consider. Only choose one Biology and one Chemistry unit from the above list. It's not necessary to complete every unit. When deciding which units to undertake, click on the unit description then select a unit based on your existing academic background and where you feel you could benefit from some additional study.
Note: UWA does not endorse third party preparation courses or materials, including third party courses which may be held on UWA premises. It's advisable to instead focus and build your knowledge through your university studies as you work towards your degree.   
When selecting units keep in mind that graduate entry into the MD and DMD is a very competitive process. It is important to achieve as high a GPA and GAMSAT score as possible. You can view the previous average scores for graduate entry into the MD and DMD.
Your GPA is calculated from your most recent three years (or full time equivalent) of tertiary study, which includes any postgraduate study. Information on how to convert your GPA is available online
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