Certification error on My eQuals document

Why is there a certification error on my My eQuals document?

Answer ID 2930 | Last updated on 17/11/2022 01.23 PM

The University only releases digital academic documents through the My eQuals portal that have been cryptographically signed. The My eQuals portal should display the blue “Certified” ribbon against each document. This ribbon indicates that the document has been securely cryptographically signed. 

If someone is having trouble viewing a document, it is likely to be a local issue. If you are using Adobe or an application that uses Adobe settings, you may experience the error: “The validity of the document certification is UNKNOWN. The author could not be verified. Signed and all signatures are valid.” 

If the person who is viewing the document is using Adobe, this issue can be related to the Trust Manager settings, which can be toggled on in the Adobe Preferences menu. Once Adobe is restarted, the issue should resolve. If the user continues to experience issues, they may need to seek further assistance from an IT professional to resolve the issue. 

This issue should not occur when viewing the document within the My eQuals portal. If the PDF is not able to be verified, view your document by logging into your My eQuals account or, if you're a third party, request the document owner send you a shared link.

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