Booking the Barry J Marshall Library Video Wall to promote your event

How do I make a booking for the Barry J Marshall Library Video Wall to promote my event? 

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The video wall in the foyer of the Barry J Marshall Library is an array of nine 1920 x 1080 pixel Toshiba LCD Displays (in a 3 x 3 arrangement), each feature a slimline 5.6mm Bezel (gridline) in between them. It can display videos or still images. Multiple images/videos usually rotate on screen. Exclusive use of the video wall is generally only for events in the foyer.
  • Video files should be in .wmv or .mp4 format. The .mov format is not compatible. Please note that some large .mp4 files may not stream smoothly on the wall.
  • When designing your slides/videos, try not to position important information on the gridlines.
  • If the file is large, please do not send it via email, please share it with us via Google Drive or similar.
To submit a booking request email
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