Release date of CAS class allocations and personal timetable

When can I see my class allocations in CAS?

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For semester units, CAS allocations are made and personal timetables released usually 3-4 weeks before semester commences. Allocations are made based on the preferences you entered and are not assigned on a first come, first served basis. If you are enrolled in units prior to allocations being run and have not entered your preferences you will be automatically allocated to classes.

If you enrol after allocations are run you will need to select classes, this is based on a first come, first served basis. Dates vary from semester to semester, refer to the CAS website for specific dates.

After the preference allocation has been processed you can still change your classes in CAS until approximately one week before semester under two conditions:

  1. The unit is still open for editing in CAS
  2. There is space available in a class

Units remain open for approximately two weeks after the semester begins for further adjustments if permitted, check the CAS website for specific dates.

If a class is full, contact your Student Advising Office. This information is available in studentConnect when you log in and also linked on the Current Students web page.

Note: for Summer School units or for non-standard units, there is no preference entry and you will be automatically enrolled in classes within 24 hours or enrolment. Once allocated classes you may change class times subject to availability.

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