Student Swaps in CAS

What are Student Swaps in CAS?

Answer ID 3134 | Last updated on 24/10/2022 12.49 PM

Student Swaps in CAS is an option to request a swap from your currently allocated activity to a full activity via the student module. The following rules apply to Swap Requests:
  • Swap Requests can only be made during Allocation Adjustment periods.
  • You can only request a swap to one activity in an activity group. If you try to swap to a different activity, your existing request will be replaced.
  • In order to request a swap, you must already be allocated to another activity in that activity group.
  • If you move to another activity or become de-allocated from the ‘from’ activity, your swap request will be cancelled / invalidated.
  • If the ‘to’ or ‘from’ activity is impacted by a timetable change, your swap request will be invalidated.
  • You may request a swap to an activity that clashes with another one of your activities, but you should be aware that, until the clash is cleared, the swap will fail when attempted. 
  • If a swap attempt fails due to a clash, it will remain pending, but it will be moved to the end of the queue.
  • In some cases, space can become available in a class without automatically processing your swap. If you have a pending swap request for an activity, but you notice that the class has space available, you should select the activity.
  • Swaps are anonymous and there is no need to find a ‘partner’ for a swap. The system will handle this for you.
  • You will receive no further communication about your swap unless it is successful. If you change your mind about the swap, you should log in and cancel it as soon as possible.

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