Cancelling a pending swap in CAS

How do I cancel a pending swap request in CAS?

Answer ID 3136 | Last updated on 21/11/2022 12.34 PM

To cancel a pending swap:
  • Click the Pending Swap button. 
  • Click ‘Delete’ to confirm.    
The swap request will no longer be valid and the ‘pending’ swap symbol is replaced with the 'swap' symbol. 
If you change your mind and don't want to cancel the swap: 
  • Click on ‘Wait’ to retain the swap request. 
A Pending Swap symbol will still be displayed next to the full activity. 
Note: the Pending Swap button will only appear next to a full activity. If you can't see the Pending Swap button next to an activity, it means you have a pending swap request on an activity that is no longer full. 

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