Access to your LMS units after changing enrolment

I have changed my enrolment. How soon can I access my LMS course?

Answer ID 315 | Last updated on 20/01/2023 05.37 PM

There may be a delay of up to 24 hours for LMS to recognise your change in enrolment. Also, LMS units generally begin to appear on or after the first day of semester and not before. Please wait the required time before attempting to access your LMS units.

Alternatively, if your enrolled units are not appearing in LMS after semester begins, your Unit Coordinator may have chosen not to use LMS, or may still be putting the finishing touches to the site and has not yet released it for student access. In this case you may wish to contact your Unit Coordinator.

For further information:

  • visit the Student LMS Help site
  • if you are having trouble logging into LMS, or for any other student IT support queries contact the University Library or use Email Us to submit an enquiry
  • search the UWA Handbook for more information about your unit and Unit Coordinator contact information

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