Chinese Language Placement Testing

When do I sit the Chinese Language Placement Test for CHIN units?

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All Chinese majors start in Semester 1 - as such the placement test only runs during the lead-up to Semester 1 (and not Semester 2 or Summer teaching periods).
If you wish to study Chinese language units for the first time at UWA, you'll need to take a placement test. The test takes about 5 to 30 minutes and does not require any preparation. It is designed to determine the most suitable language stream for your skill level and experience, and is required even if you are a complete beginner.
The Semester 1, 2023 tests will be held in two parts:
  • Part 1: Online written test
  • Part 2: Phone interview
All students will need to complete the online test (part 1). Only some students will be required to continue to the interview (part 2).

Timetable preferences
Students can submit class timetable preferences in the Class Timetable (CAS) for any enrolled units as usual, even if the current status for that unit is 'invalid' / in 'breach'.

Part 1: Where do I find the online test?
The written test is available online in UWA My UniHub (login required).

Part 2: What if I need to attend an Interview?

Students who need to complete an interview will receive a call from one of our Chinese language staff after the written test is assessed. If we miss you, we'll call again later.
Note: UWA outbound calls have 'No Caller ID'
Already sat a language placement test?
If you're already studying Chinese and have received a notice regarding a placement test, and/or have already sat a test previously, you will not need to sit a Language Placement Test again. First check that you are enrolling in the correct unit code (for example, you might want the Level 2 code CHIN2403 Chinese 3 rather than Level 1 code CHIN1403 Chinese 3); and, if you think you're enrolling in the right unit code but are still receiving an 'invalid' / in 'breach' status, contact your Student Advising Office for assistance.
Chinese Native or Near-Native Speakers
Native or near-native speakers of Chinese are able to enrol for the following units providing they have space in their course: CHIN3409, CHIN3410, CHIN2004. If this is you, and you have an 'invalid' / in 'breach' status, let us know via Email Us and use the subject line 'Chinese Native Speaker' so that we can update your enrolment status for you. You do not need to sit a placement test.


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