Using a Library computer as a second monitor for your laptop

How do I use a Library computer as a second monitor for my laptop?

Most Library computers are equipped with a KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) switch, a device which allows you to connect your laptop and use a Library computer's monitor and/or keyboard and mouse. You can use the Library computer's monitor as a second monitor or simply mirror and enlarge your laptop's display.

Library computers with a KVM can be identified by a button attached to the base of the monitor. Follow the instructions below to connect your laptop or visit the Information Desk for assistance.

  1. Locate the three bundled KVM cables, there will be one HDMI cable (black plug) and two USB cables (black and purple plugs)
  2. Connect the black HDMI cable into the HDMI socket of your device (this will provide display/video output from your device)
  3. Connect only the purple USB cable into the USB socket of your device (this will connect the Library computer's keyboard and mouse which you can use to control your device if you wish)
  4. Press the black button on the base of the Library computer's monitor. If you do not see your laptop display appearing on the Library computer's monitor, you may need to adjust your display settings on your device to output accordingly.
  5. When you have finished, unplug the cables and please press the black button to reset the display, mouse and keyboard back to the Library computer for the next user.
Step 1: cables
Step 4: KVM source button

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