Re-enrolling after a period of exclusion

How do I re-enrol after being excluded?

Answer ID 357 | Last updated on 01/06/2022 06.45 PM

If you have a course status of EXCLUDED this means you have lost your place and are not permitted to re-enrol in the course at UWA. You will not have access to re-enrol in the course on studentConnect and will lose access to your UWA Pheme account within 28 days. 

The following re-enrolment options may be available to you, depending on your circumstances:

Apply for a different UWA course
You may be eligible to apply for another course at UWA via the Apply portal. Contact the Admissions team via Email Us for more information. 

Re-apply for admission to your excluded course
If you wish to apply to re-enrol in your excluded course, refer to the Student Enrolment policy and check with your Student Advising Office to see if this is possible and if you are within the time limit for the course.  If you then wish to lodge an application you can do so via the Apply portal.

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