Re-enrolling after a period of academic suspension

How do I re-enrol after academic suspension?

If you are a domestic student and have been suspended from your course, you will normally be able to re-enrol once your period of academic suspension has ended (normally on 31 October). 
If you wish to return to study after your suspension
You can re-enrol online via studentConnect during the re-enrolment period for the following academic year. Normal re-enrolment requirements and deadlines apply. If you have not used your password for 6 months or more, you may need to reset or reactivate it via the Pheme website, to logon to studentConnect.
If you don't wish to return to study after your suspension 
Make sure that you apply for Approved Leave before the academic withdrawal date of that semester. If you don't re-enrol or take Approved Leave, you may be discontinued from your course (enrolment lapsed).  If you are discontinued and wish to return to your studies at a later date, you will need to re-apply.
International students should contact the International Student Support team for advice via Email Us, for information on returning to study or applying for Approved Leave.

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