Re-enrolling after a period of academic suspension

How do I re-enrol after academic suspension?

You may re-enrol once your period of academic suspension has ended (normally on 31st October of the academic year). You can:

  • Re-enrol online via studentConnect during the re-enrolment period for the following academic year. Normal re-enrolment requirements will also apply. You may need to reset or reactivate your Pheme password to logon to studentConnect.


  • Apply for Approved Leave
    If you choose not to study for a semester or more, but still wish to keep your place open, you must apply for Approved Leave before the academic withdrawal date of semester.

If you don't re-enrol or apply for Approved Leave your enrolment may be discontinued (lapsed). If you wish to resume your studies at a later date, you will need to re-apply.

International Students:
Please contact the International Student Support team for advice via "Email Us".

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