How to re-enrol if you are a research student

I am a research student, how do I re-enrol?

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The way you re-enrol depends on the type of research course that you are studying.

Higher Degree by Research courses (PhD, some doctorates and Masters by Research) are administered by the Graduate Research School (GRS).
If you are enrolled in a PhD, Doctor of Musical Arts, Doctor of Architecture (Design) or a Masters by Research course you will be automatically re-enrolled for the next academic year, provided you:

  • Submit all the milestones for the academic year by their due dates
  • Have no outstanding debts to the University.

You will not be re-enrolled if you have outstanding milestones or financial encumbrances.

If you miss the automatic re-enrolment period, you will be required to:

  • Submit outstanding milestone/s to the Graduate Research School.
  • Pay any outstanding encumbrances.
  • Pay the late re-enrolment fee online via studentConnect or in person at Student Administration. Please forward the receipt for this payment to your Candidature Officer at GRS. The Graduate Research School will assess whether you can be re-enrolled.

Candidates in a Combined/PhD program
If you are enrolled in a Combined/PhD program, you can enrol for the coursework component online via studentConnect. You cannot be automatically re-enrolled because of the requirement to nominate coursework units.

Candidates in a Higher Degree by Research Preliminary course
If you are enrolled in Higher Degree by Research Preliminary course you can enrol online via studentConnect.

For further information on automatic re-enrolment please refer to the Enrolment website or contact the Graduate Research School.

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