'Suspended' status explained

My Progress Status is Suspended. What does this mean?

Answer ID 40 | Last updated on 04/08/2022 10.07 AM

If your progress status shows as ‘Suspended’ in studentConnect, it means you have not made satisfactory progress in your course, and your enrolment has been suspended.

You will not be able to re-enrol in your course in the next semester or trimester. You will receive an email from the University explaining your progress status, and the things you should do next.

Things to do next

  • Make an appointment with your Student Advising Office, they will help you figure out a plan for when you recommence your course.
  • Access the support services available at Student Support, such as counselling and STUDYSmarter.
  • If there were circumstances, such as illness, that affected your academic performance or if you believe your progress status does not fairly reflect the worth of the academic work you submitted, you can lodge a request for review within 20 days of receiving your progress status notification.
  • If you are an international student, you must contact the International Student Adviser to find out how your progress status affects your Student Visa.

NOTE: This does not apply to Higher Degree by Research students. If you are a HDR student please contact the Graduate Research School for clarification on your course status.

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