Consequences of withdrawing from a unit

How do I withdraw from a unit and what effect does this have on my grades and payment for the unit?

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The academic and/or financial consequences of withdrawing from a unit depends on the date you withdraw and your circumstances. It is important to familiarise yourself with the Teaching periods, Census and Withdrawal dates and the Important Dates published on the Current Students' website. You can also find further information on Changing your enrolment and Withdrawing, including full instructions on how to withdraw.

You can withdraw from units online via studentConnect up until the Census Date of the teaching period. Each teaching period has a different Census Date, so make sure that you check which teaching periods you are enrolled in on studentConnect.  Withdrawing from a unit by the Census Date means you will not be financially liable for fees.

To withdraw from a unit after the Census Date you will need to submit a Change of Enrolment form (available from your Student Advising Office or Student Administration). You will remain financially liable for the fees of any unit/s from which you withdraw. If you withdraw by the Academic Withdrawal date, then you will not receive an academic penalty for the unit but you will remain financially liable for fees. If you withdraw after the academic withdrawal date and up until the last day of teaching for the teaching period then there will be and academic penalty of an 'FN' fail grade for withdrawing, unless you have been granted Special Consideration, and you will remain financially liable for fees.

If you need advice on whether to withdraw and what the consequences will be, contact your Student Advising Office or submit a query via Email Us.

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