Penalties for returning loans late

Is there a penalty if I return loans late to the Library?

Answer ID 665 | Last updated on 09/02/2022 03.07 PM

Details on when penalties apply and how much you may be fined are listed on the Borrow web page.

If you have an overdue loan, your borrowing privileges will be suspended until the loan is returned. If your unpaid fines total $24 or more, your borrowing privileges will remain suspended until the fine is paid in full. In addition, if you are a UWA student, a debt will be recorded as an Administrative Encumbrance on your student record, which will prevent access to examination results, transcripts, graduation and re-enrolment. This encumbrance will be removed once the total fine has been paid in full. You will still be able to borrow normally if your fine is less than $24.

If you have a loan that is a month or more overdue, you will be requested to pay a replacement fee for the item. This charge will be waived, or refunded within 12 months of payment, if the item is returned.


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