Correct referencing for assignments

How do I reference my sources correctly for assignments?

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There are six main referencing styles we use at UWA to acknowledge sources you have referred to within your assignments – you will find these listed within the Referencing section of our Library Survival Guides.

Within an assignment, you will need to provide a shortened in-text reference at the point at which you refer to a specific source. This pairs with the full end-text reference list your readers can use to locate the source. Different referencing styles have different requirements – for instance, some use author and date while others use footnote numbers for in-text references. See our Referencing at UWA Guide for an introduction to these principles of referencing and to different styles.
Your Unit Coordinator will nominate a style of referencing for you to follow. This information is often found in the unit outline in the Learning Management System (LMS) or within the assignment information. Once you know the referencing style you need to use, refer to the specific UWA referencing guide for that style for examples of how to reference the different format source types you use.
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