Rules to follow in your exam

What are the rules for my exams?

Rules to be observed by candidates for examinations.

  1. You must not have unauthorised material including the following: Non-transparent pencil cases, calculator cases, caps, hats, wallets, electronic devices including MOBILE PHONES, SMART WATCHES, iPODs OR MP3/4 PLAYERS AND PRODUCTS WITH AN ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION/ STORAGE DEVICE OR DIGITAL FACILITY in your pocket, on your person or on your desk in the examination. These items must be placed in your bag or on the floor under your desk.
  2. Disciplinary action will be taken against you by the University, in accordance with the Assessment Policy, in cases such as:
    • Students found to be communicating with each other during the exam;
    • Removing the question paper, answer booklet or any pages from these documents, from the exam room;
    • Failure to declare unauthorised material, a mobile phone, smart watch, or any electronic devices found in your possession or on your desk during the exam;
    • Using a calculator without an approved sticker.
  3. This will apply regardless of whether the material has been used at the time it is found. If you are uncertain whether any material is authorised ask an Exam Supervisor for clarification.
  4. Place your student ID card on the right hand corner of your desk at all times.
  5. In the event of an emergency, you must follow the instructions given to you by the Exam Supervisors who will direct you to the exit point, and the evacuation assembly point for the venue. During an evacuation you must refrain from talking or communicating in any way to anyone except an Exam Supervisor.
  6. If you are feeling unwell, or have a question at any time, raise your hand and wait for an Exam Supervisor.
  7. Watches must be removed and placed on the desk in front of you.
  8. You may not leave the exam venue or go to the toilet during the first 30 minutes or the last 10 minutes of the exam.
  9. Only water in a transparent bottle without a label is permitted in the exam venue. No food, including sweets, can be consumed in the exam venue.
  10. Pens must be used unless completing multiple choice answer sheets or drawing diagrams.
  11. When instructed to do so by the Exam Supervisor, you must check the front of the exam paper. Make sure you have the correct paper and that the paper is complete. The number of pages is indicated on the front page.
  12. The clocks in the exam venue are only a guide. A timer is used to time the exam.
  13. No extra time will be permitted to complete any information on exam booklets or multiple choice sheets, at the end of the exam. The Exam Supervisor will let you know when there are ten minutes of the exam left.
  14. You must follow the instructions of the Exam Supervisor. If the instructions are unclear or you are unable to hear the instructions raise your hand and wait for an Exam Supervisor. Ask the Exam Supervisor for clarification.
  15. Candidates arriving late for examinations are admitted to the examination hall without question during the first half-hour of the examination period but no additional time is made available to students to complete their examination. Candidates will not be admitted to an examination room 30 minutes after the examination has commenced.
  16. Where a candidate has been permitted by the chief supervisor to leave an examination room due to illness, the candidate is accompanied to the Student Health Service by a supervisor.
  17. Candidates who have been granted permission to sit their exam after the scheduled time of the exam must not have been in contact with anyone who has already sat the exam, or have sighted the exam paper.
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