Class Allocation System (CAS) explained

What is CAS?

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CAS is UWA's Class Allocation System, this is where you:

  1. Enter your class preferences for tutorials, laboratories, lectures, seminars and workshops 
  2. Once preferences have been allocated you can view and edit your classes and view your personal timetable


  • When selecting preferences for each class, you will need to nominate what day and time you prefer in order of priority (1 = your first preference; 2 = your second preference; etc.) for each unit.
  • Some classes may have lots of times to choose from, some classes may only have one option to choose from. You may be required to enter at least 4 preferences.
  • You will have approximately 4-6 weeks to enter and edit your preferences. If you do not enter preferences you will automatically be allocated class times by CAS.


  • Approximately 3-4 weeks before semester starts you will be allocated your classes and be able to view your timetable. Allocations are made based on the preferences you enter and are NOT allocated on a 'first come, first served' basis.
  • First round TISC offer students and existing students may adjust their allocated classes for a period of one week immediately after the allocation has run and again approximately one week prior to semester. Check the CAS website for specific dates. 

CAS Tips

  • You may only enter your preferences and view your allocations at certain times of the year. Consult the CAS website for specific dates.
  • You must first be enrolled in at least one unit for the unit to appear in CAS. If you un-enrol from a unit it will disappear in CAS but this does not affect your academic standing. Use studentConnect to add units to your enrolment. It may take up to 1 hour after enrolment for a unit to appear in CAS.
  • CAS may not display correctly in older browsers (like Internet Explorer). We recommend that you update to a more recent version if you are having difficulty, or use a computer in one of our libraries.
  • If the only classes you can attend are full you can send a SWAP request for the full class. CAS will process the request instantly if there is an available spot. If not, your request will  be in pending queue.
  • For any enquiries please contact your school via the contact message given in CAS for that class. Alternatively you can contact your unit coordinator given in the Handbook  You can also contact the Transition Services team for assistance with your timetable by emailing or Email Us.
  • If you need further assistance, there are drop-in help sessions for new students during Orientation week (O-Week) - check the UniStart website for dates and times or you can ask staff for help in person at one of our libraries across campus.

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