Minors in an undergraduate degree course

Are there minors at UWA?

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Minors are available to study in UWA bachelor degrees.

All minors comprise of four units, and are optional to include as part of your degree.

Minors available are:

You can add minors to your degree by going to studentConnect > Course Details > Online Enrolment > Unit sets and adding your desired minor.

Note: minors can only overlap with your other unit sets (major or minor) by a maximum of ONE unit to be eligible for it to be recognised on your degree certificate and academic documents. For example: the English Literary Studies major and Creative Writing minor have four units in common. A student wishing to complete both units sets would simply select other units in the major to ensure that only a maximum of ONE unit overlapped with the minor.

More information about minors and the Undergraduate Degree Course Structure can be found online in UWA Handbooks.

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