Studying more than two Majors

Can I do a triple major in my undergraduate degree?

A standard major comprises of 8 to 12 units, and extended major comprises of more that 12 units.

In a comprehensive Bachelors degree, such as the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Bachelor of Commerce, the course is designed so that students can complete two majors. In some instances, and with careful planning, students in these degrees may be able to complete up to three majors.

Completing a third major is only permitted where all degree and major requirements are met and can be completed within the standard degree space of of 144 credit points (typically 24 x 6-point units). 

Students who are unable to fit an entire third major into their course plan, may consider taking a minor

Undergraduate students wanting to study a language major alongside their current Bachelor degree can apply to study a concurrent course Diploma in Modern Languages.

From 2023 the Diploma in Modern Languages will be replaced by the Bachelor of Modern Languages, available as a combined-degree option.

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