Majors explained

What is a major?

A major is a structured sequence of units in a particular discipline or field of study. There are single majors and double majors.

A single major consists of eight or more units from the same disciplinary field.  Common sequences with the minimum number of required units are:

  • two Level 1 units
  • two Level 2 units
  • four Level 3 units


  • two Level 1 units
  • three Level 2 units
  • three Level 3 units

A double major consists of  at least 14 units with, normally:

  • two Level 1 units that provide the foundation for
  • four Level 2 units and
  • eight Level 3 units

Each undergraduate bachelor degree has its own degree-specific majors. If you want to study a second major, you can choose one from any of the UWA bachelor degrees.

Note: there may be some restrictions for students studying certain majors - refer to the online UWA Handbook for full-details on majors, units and course rules.

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