How to complete your re-enrolment

How do I re-enrol?

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If you are a current student intending to study in the next calendar year, you must re-enrol online via studentConnect within the re-enrolment period.

  • Log on to studentConnect
  • Go to the COURSE DETAILS menu
  • Select "Online Enrolment"
  • Select "Begin online enrolment"

Visit the Current Students' website for important re-enrolment information, including re-enrolment dates and late fees.

Enrol for the academic year
It is recommended you re-enrol for the entire academic year (Semester 1 and Semester 2) prior to receiving your results.
If you have been granted deferred or supplementary examinations you must still re-enrol, even though you have not completed the examinations. Remember, you can change your enrolment once you have re-enrolled.

If you would like further advice on your study plan please contact your Student Advising Office or consult the UWA Handbook for specific information relating to your course and units.

Higher Degree by Research Students
The way you re-enrol depends on the type of research degree you are studying.

Not studying in the next calendar year
If you don't wish to study in the next calendar year  or intend on taking some time away from your studies, you must apply for Approved Leave. If you don't re-enrol or take Approved Leave your enrolment will be discontinued (lapsed). Remember, you can change your Approved Leave later, if you change your mind.

Difficulty enrolling?
If you experience any difficulty enrolling (including error messages) check the common reasons that you may not be able to enrol online. If you are still experiencing difficulties please contact your Student Advising Office or Student Administration and we will investigate for you.

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