Assessment weighting

My assessment is weighted. What does this mean?

Weighting means some of your assessments are worth more than others. This means assessments that were awarded the same raw mark will contribute differently to your overall mark for the unit.

For example: Imagine you have a mid-semester test that is marked out of 30 and you have a major assignment that is also marked out of 30. You see in your Unit Outline that the assignment is weighted at 50% of the final mark and the mid-semester test is weighted at 10% of the final mark. Ultimately, this means that if you score 20 out of 30 for both pieces of assessment, the mid-semester test contributes 6.6 marks (20/30 of 10 marks) and the major assignment contributes 33.3 marks (20/30 of 50 marks) to your final result.


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