School placement for dependent children of international postgraduate students

Can my dependent children attend school in Western Australia if I am a postgraduate international student? 

The dependent children of students studying a Masters by Coursework; Masters by Research and Doctor of Philosophy (can be full fee paying or sponsored) attending The University of Western Australia can be placed into government schools that have spare capacity.  A tuition fee waiver will only apply whilst the visa holder is enrolled in full-time postgraduate studies at a recognised Western Australian university. It does not apply before or after the study period.  

Students in receipt of a scholarship that also sponsors their dependent children will be required to pay mainstream tuition fees for overseas fee-paying students.  

All students are required to pay annual contribution charges to the public primary or secondary school their child/ren attend. 

Admission is on the following basis, as advised by TAFE International Western Australia (TIWA).

Conditions of Entitlement:

  • You must be studying a Masters by Coursework; Masters by Research or Doctor of Philosophy and be the holder of a Student Visa subclass 573, 574 or 500.
  • Your dependent child(ren) must be physically in the country before a school placement is requested.
  • Only public schools approved by the Department of Education and Training will be approached by TIWA.
  • You must not approach the government schools directly regarding the enrolment of your dependant. 
  • You are responsible for meeting the full costs of providing education support if your dependant has a disability or learning difficulty.
  • You are responsible for meeting the full tuition costs of providing your dependant with an English as a Second Language program, if considered necessary.

Once your dependant is in Western Australia, you can complete the required school placement request form found on our website and return it, and the necessary attachments to .  Your forms will be forwarded to TIWA to seek a placement. 

TIWA advises that placements for compulsory schooling will receive priority. Placements for kindergarten will only be made when requests for compulsory schooling have been completed (Kindergarten is NOT compulsory).

Ideally, children will be placed in a school as close as possible to their local address. However due to the high demand for places in Western Australian public schools, places in your local school and other nearby schools may not be available. The available school may be some distance from the family’s place of residence and may not be near the university. This may require the child/ren to undertake travel on public transport in order to attend school, or for the family to live closer to the child's school.

A change of school will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.   

Commonwealth Government and University Sponsored Students
Students who are in receipt of a full scholarship for tertiary studies, awarded by the Commonwealth of Australia or The University of Western Australia, will be requested to complete the TIWA Confirmation of Tertiary Scholarship Form. The dependent children of these students are eligible for the same enrolment entitlement as local children for the duration of their parent's study period only.

Any queries regarding schooling can be directed to the International Sponsored Students Unit in Shenton House.

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