Withdrawing before the census date

Do I get a refund for any fees I have paid if I withdraw before or on the census date?

Answer ID 132 | Last updated on 04/11/2022 01.50 PM

If you are a Domestic Student and you withdraw on or before the census date for your unit(s), you will receive a refund of any student contribution or tuition fees paid, approximately one month after the relevant census date.

If you are an International Student, your fees for the semester are based on your unit enrolment on the first day of semester. If you subsequently enrol in more units, your Statement of Account and outstanding balance will be updated on studentConnect. If you withdraw from units, any fees paid will be held in credit towards your next semester's fees. If you withdraw totally from your course, you should refer to the refund policy (as stipulated in your acceptance contract) for information about your refund eligibility. 

A refund will normally be issued using your nominated bank account details on studentConnect (under the Finance menu).

Log on to studentConnect and ensure your bank details, contact details and enrolment are correct and up to date. It may delay your refund, if your information is not correct. 

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