Equivalent Full-Time Study Load (EFTSL) explained

What is Equivalent Full-Time Study Load (EFTSL)?

EFTSL refers to the Equivalent Full-Time Study Load attributed to a unit. Each unit has a set study load (usually based on the number of credit points that the unit is worth), which is listed on your Statement of Enrolment, electronic Statement of Account (eSOA) and online enrolment on studentConnect. EFTSL is one of the components used to calculate your unit fees or student contribution. One EFTSL (1.000) is equivalent to a full time study load for one year.

For standard undergraduate degrees, an annual total of 48 credit points is equivalent to a standard year of full time study (one EFTSL). A standard unit worth 6 credit points will be equivalent to 0.125 EFTSL (6/48). Eight units is a standard full time year load, and 8 x 0.125 = 1.000 EFTSL.

Combined degrees and some postgraduate courses may have different standard annual credit points and the units may have different equivalent full-time student loads (EFTSL).

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