Redirecting my student email

How do I redirect my student email?

Answer ID 1577 | Last updated on 09/02/2022 03.55 PM

The UWA Student Email Service provides the ability for students to forward their email to another address.

Important Note: you can place a redirect on your student account to forward your emails to a personal email account, however; this is not recommended as the UWA email address provided is regarded as the only digital communication address trusted by UWA as representing you as a student. As this Student Email is also how to collaborate with others and gain access to rooms and resources available to students, you may not be able to collaborate effectively with UWA students and staff if you place a redirect on your student email account. It also introduces significant risk that your mail may be not be delivered or may be delayed. Future enhanced services offered by UWA may also not function.

If you do need to forward your student email, we strongly recommend that you tick the option to “Keep a copy of forwarded messages” as this will prevent you from permanently losing messages. If you do forward your email, the University cannot accept responsibility if you do not receive messages forwarded to another email address, or they are lost by choosing not to leave a copy on the student email system.

For more information and step-by-step instructions on re-directing your email, please visit this help article.

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