Enrolled students eligibility for Youth Allowance

How do I remain eligible for Youth Allowance if I am enrolled as a student?

Answer ID 171 | Last updated on 31/10/2022 02.26 PM

Generally, the Centrelink payment Youth Allowance is only paid to eligible students who are studying full-time. This means your aggregate enrolment load must be at least 0.375 Equivalent Full-Time Study Load (EFTSL) in each semester.

Your semester study load is calculated based on your enrolment in standard semester units, combined with any units in non-standard teaching periods. Your study load from non-standard teaching periods will be counted as part of semester 1 or semester 2, depending on the period in which the census date falls. Your combined study load will determine whether you are classified as a full-time or part-time student for a particular semester. Units in summer school are treated as non-standard teaching periods. 

Your enrolment load is reported to Centrelink several times a year and this information is normally used by Centrelink to assess your eligibility for Youth Allowance.

If your semester load changes from full-time to part-time it is strongly recommended you contact Centrelink as soon as possible. If your enrolment load falls below 0.375 EFTSL, you may cease to be eligible for Youth Allowance and may incur over payment or debt.

The UWA Student Guild can provide advice and assistance with Youth Allowance and other Centrelink queries. They can help with applications, appeals and interpreting regulations and policy.   

For further information on Youth Allowance contact Centrelink.

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