Breastfeeding facilities at UWA

Where can I breastfeed on campus?
You are welcome to breastfeed anywhere on campus. We also provide Parents Rooms at the Reid Library and the Barry J. Marshall Library for UWA students and staff.
The Reid Parents Room is located on the first floor of the Reid Library. It is equipped with two feeding booth chairs with inbuilt privacy, a kitchenette with fridge for temporary storage of milk and food, sink, microwave and hot and cold water. It also contains a children’s play area with playpen, desk, chairs, toys, crayons and books. 
The Barry J. Marshall Library Parents Room is located on the first floor of the Barry J. Marshall Library. This room is equipped with two computers plus a screened-off area with comfortable chairs for breastfeeding purposes, and a children's play area.  
You can request access to our Parents Rooms:
  • In person with your staff/student ID and accompanied by your child/children.
  • Via email providing staff/student ID and copies of either child/children’s birth certificate or passport.
The Early Learning Centre located on the Nedlands Campus also has a private Parents Room which is available to parents whose children attend the Centre.

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