Importance of your UWA email account

Why do I need to have a University student email account?

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As a UWA student, you will automatically be assigned a student email account. This email is provisioned when you accept your offer and activate your account via Pheme, and stays with you until you graduate or until you discontinue your studies at UWA (i.e. withdraw).

You will also use your email as your Uni-ID ( and password as set in Pheme) to log into your Student Email as well other applications in Office 365 and some provided by UWA for your use.


  • Your UWA student email account is the University's official means of communicating with you. 
  • You must check your UWA student email regularly to ensure you don't miss out on any important information such as correspondence and reminders about enrolment, fees, classes, examination, graduations. Library notices and other information will be sent regularly to your student email account.  
  • University emails will only be sent to your UWA student email account. 
  • University staff will only respond to emails that you send from your UWA student email account.
  • You will be able to see Staff in your email system - only communicate with Academic staff you are being taught by or have a working relationship with. You must not use this email to harass or annoy others.
  • You may see some resources and rooms but not all are available for your use to book. They may, however, be booked by staff on your behalf through other means.

Your student email account allows us to verify your identify (unlike third party email accounts).  When you enrol you sign a 'student declaration' in which you acknowledge that you will check your UWA student email, as well as agreeing to the other policies and procedures at the University. 

Contact the UWA Library or Email Us for more information or if you need assistance with your UWA student email account.  

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