'Courses' and 'units' explained

What is a 'course' or a 'unit' at The University of Western Australia?

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course is
a program of study which you must complete in order to qualify for a particular award (e.g. a bachelor degree, diploma or certificate). Course details are published on the University Handbook. Contact your Student Advising Office for more information on course content and requirements. A course normally consists of a number of units.

A unit is a component of study focused on a particular subject or topic. Units are normally worth 6 credit points and involve 150 hours of student workload (including contact hours, personal study and exams).
Some units may be worth more than 6 credit points (e.g. project or dissertation units). Units are normally offered in standard semester periods and some in non-standard teaching periods. All units have a Unit Coordinator, but may be taught by a range of lecturers and tutors.

For more information on courses and units visit the University Handbook and the Glossary of Terms.

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