Last date to add units to your enrolment

What is the last date I can add units to my enrolment?

Answer ID 2131 | Last updated on 03/10/2022 11.03 AM

The last date to add a unit to a standard Semester is midnight of the Saturday at the end of Week 1. This means you have a total of 6 days from the commencement of each semester to consider your enrolment options.      

In exceptional circumstances you may be permitted to add a unit after the closing date. To apply, complete the online Special Approval form. Please note, there is a $50 late fee for the late addition of a unit. 

Non-Standard Teaching Periods
The last date to add a unit is different for non-standard teaching periods. All Teaching periods, census and withdrawal dates are published on the Current Students' website (including standard semesters, non-standard and offshore periods - scroll down to view these). Check the teaching period dates for your units carefully.

For more information refer to the Unit availabilities and Student Rules published on the University Handbook or contact your Student Advising Office.

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