Complementary units explained

What are complementary units?

Answer ID 2247 | Last updated on 03/10/2022 09.07 AM

Changes have been made to the Undergraduate Course Rules for 2021, including the requirement to complete Complementary Units.

If you commenced in or prior to 2020, some undergraduate degree-specific majors require you to study Complementary Units. These are compulsory when the major is taken as a degree specific major, but not normally required when the major is taken as a second major.

The changes for 2021 mean that Complementary Units are no longer required as part of a degree specific major, and instead degree-level Foundational Units have been introduced. These units are core to a specific degree, whichever majors you take in that degree.

If you commenced your course prior to 2021 you can complete your course under the rules that applied prior to changes for 2021.

For full details on units and majors, visit the online UWA Handbook.

For information on how to meet the requirements of your course, including if you need to complete Complementary or Foundational Units, contact your Student Advising Office.

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