Credit point requirements

How many credit points do I have to complete for my undergraduate degree?

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One of the requirements of an undergraduate degree is to complete a minimum number of credit points.

For a single undergraduate bachelors degree, it is 144 credit points (equivalent of 24 units worth 6 credit points each).  For combined bachelor degrees or combined bachelor/master degrees, this will be different

Each of your units is worth a number of credit points. You will find the credit point value for each unit listed on the unit page on the Handbook.

For an undergraduate bachelors degree most units are worth six points, and a small number of project units are worth 12 points each. 

You can view the number of credit points that you have completed in studentConnect - select 'COURSE DETAILS' and then ' Course progression status'.

For further advice on credit points and course requirements contact your assigned Student Advising Office (displayed on studentConnect). 

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