Updating your campus card photo via CaptureME

Can I update my photo used for my campus card via CaptureME?

Answer ID 2383 | Last updated on 07/02/2022 02.40 PM

You can make changes to your photo in CaptureME up until the photo has been approved by the Student Administration team. Once your photo has been approved no further uploads are permitted.

CaptureME can only be used to take the photo for your first UWA campus card. If you want to update your photo once the card has been produced, you will need to visit Student Administration to obtain a replacement campus card for a cost of $15.00 for students ($16.50 for staff).

Past UWA students who are starting a new course at UWA and have an existing photo on their CaptureME record may visit Student Administration for a new photo and a free replacement card. 

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