Careers Centre advice on choosing majors

Can the Careers Centre advise me on which units to choose for my majors?

The Careers Centre cannot advise you which majors to choose but we are able to discuss with you the career implications of choosing different majors.

Depending on technical knowledge or professional accreditation requirements, many employers will select students on the basis of their degree rather than their specific majors. By doing a major you enjoy and can achieve in, you will have more time to develop your skills and experience by undertaking part-time or voluntary work, sporting activities and community involvement. However, some employers may have more specific requirements so if you are interested in a specific industry or employer look on their website, relevant professional associations, the Jobs and Skills Centres and Job Outlook websites. 

If you want specific advice on unit choices within your degree then the online UWA Handbook is a good place to start. After that you may need to make an appointment with your Student Advising Office.

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