What to do if you have an Administrative Encumbrance

I have an Administrative Encumbrance. What should I do?

Answer ID 27 | Last updated on 10/11/2022 01.19 PM

You can view your encumbrances and further information on studentConnect.

Financial encumbrances: You must pay your outstanding debt in order to have the encumbrance removed from your student record. Outstanding debts include unpaid fees such as your Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF), tuition fees, academic transcript fees, library fines, field trips or other unpaid fees and charges. To make payment for tuition and SSAF fees, log into studentConnect and make a payment under the Finance section. To make payments for other financial encumbrances visit the Online Payment Portal.

Other encumbrances: If your encumbrance doesn't relate to an outstanding fee, and you haven't received an email with information of how to clear it, or if you're unsure how to get the encumbrance cleared please Email Us.

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