GPA and WAM when returning to a previous course

If I re-enrol in a course, will my previous units be included in my Grade Point Average (GPA) and Weighted Average Mark (WAM)?

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All units completed under the same course (with the same course code) will be included in the Grade Point Average (GPA) and Weighted Average Mark (WAM) for that course. If you return to a course from which you discontinued or transferred, any units that you completed previously in that course will be included in the GPA and WAM calculation, along with any units you complete in that course in the future.

If you enrol in a different course (not a transfer) or a new version of the course (i.e. with a different course code) only units completed under the new course code will be included in your GPA and WAM for your new course.

Transfer students
If you officially 'transfer' courses you may be eligible for Duplicate Unit Credit. This means any credit you achieved for units completed in your immediately previous course may be transferred as Duplicate Units. The results for Duplicate Units are included in the GPA and WAM for your new course. Remember official transfers are normally only available to undergraduate bachelor's degree students. 

Your formal Statement of Academic Record (official transcript) will show all courses and units you have attempted at UWA, even those you have not completed or have discontinued. For each course, you will see the list of units you attempted and the corresponding result or withdrawal code.

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