Smartrider concession isn't working

Why isn't my Smartrider giving me concession?

There are a few reasons why your Smartrider may not be working, the most common are:

  1. You're not currently enrolled in full time study, either because you're not studying enough credit points or the semester hasn't started yet (you can check your status is 'enrolled' on studentConnect.)
  2. You haven't been using your Smartrider often enough (less than once a week). The next time you use your Smartrider, tag on and off at the card reader a few times before you start your journey, it won't charge you any extra and should kick-start your concession!
  3. Your card is registered in someone else’s name, or you haven't registered it on studentConnect (you can check on studentConnect under the Smartrider option).
  4. You're on approved leave; to be eligible for concession fare you need a full-time enrolment. When you start studying full time again, your concession will go back on your card.

If you're still experiencing issues Email Us with your Smartrider number and we'll investigate with Transperth on your behalf if necessary. Transperth will either resolve the problem, or contact you directly to advise you on how to re-activate your concession fare.

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