The security of My eQuals documents

Is My eQuals secure?

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Security of Digital Documents
The digital documents you view via My eQuals are issued by The University of Western Australia and are authentic certified copies. 
My eQuals stores your documents securely and leaves you in complete control over your electronic documents. Your documents can only be accessed by you, UWA and people you authorise. There are multiple ways to share a document: you can generate a link for specific people, set access pin codes, or download a PDF version. You can also revoke access to people anytime. 
The systems underlying My eQuals have been independently tested by security experts to ensure the documents are authentic, tamper-evident and legally valid when viewed online. My eQuals documents are issued using advanced electronic signatures that are compliant with EU Digital Signatures Directive 1999/93/EC and national enacting legislation. 
This means documents can only be uploaded by the University; students can't use the system to upload, store or share other documents.
Security Features to Check
  • Email: When a student shares a document from the repository, the person invited to view the document will receive an email directly from My eQuals (Digitary) and not from the student's email account. This is how external organisations can know this is a legitimate document coming from the secure repository.
  • Online: check you're accessing a document in the My eQuals portal; the link will start with
  • In a PDF: certified documents will contain a blue ribbon above the document, which says ‘Certified by Student Services <>, The University of Western Australia, certificate issued by GlobalSign CA 3 for AATL. Signed and all signatures are valid’. In Adobe Acrobat Reader, documents that have been tampered with or modified will contain a red ‘X’ and error message in the blue ribbon.
  • Printed: we cannot verify a document's authenticity in printed format unless it is an official paper document issued directly by our University; these documents are imbedded with a UWA hologram. If you would like a hard copy of your academic document, you can place an order online.  
Learn more about security features of My eQuals and what to look for.
Note: When accessing My eQuals use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or EDGE browsers. Internet Explorer 11 and older versions are not supported.

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