Eligibility for discounted Public Transport fares

Am I eligible for discounted Public Transport fares?

Answer ID 310 | Last updated on 15/11/2022 08.11 AM

You are eligible for a Tertiary SmartRider concession fare card if you are a full-time student studying at UWA. Part-time students are not entitled to concession fares. Check your studentConnect to see if you are full time by going to the "Enrolment" menu then "Confirmation of Enrolment".

Note: if you are completing your degree in December and are then commencing further postgraduate studies in the following February you may find the concession will drop off your Smart Rider until your new course commences. If you are unsure about your circumstances check with Transperth directly and they can check your card.

Remember to register your SmartRider card in studentConnect within 7 days of purchase to ensure you are charged the correct concession fare.

More information on obtaining a Tertiary SmartRider can be found on the Transperth website.

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