Accessing LMS from home

How do I access LMS from home?

Answer ID 312 | Last updated on 20/01/2023 05.36 PM

To access LMS from home, first you must have an account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to connect to the internet. Once you are online go to LMS and login using your Uni-ID in the form of If your Pheme password has expired, you will not be able to log into LMS. To reset an expired Pheme password, visit the Pheme website.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) will also be required to access LMS from home. More information about MFA is available via the MFA web page

For more information visit the Student LMS Help section of LMS. If your Pheme password is current, you have set up MFA and you are having difficulty logging into LMS, contact the University Library or Email Us to submit an enquiry.

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