No units showing in LMS

I logged into LMS and there are no units in my LMS. What does this mean?

LMS units will only appear if:

  1. You are enrolled in the unit. Check this by logging in to studentConnect. You will need to wait at least 24 hours after enrolling before units will begin to appear in your LMS.
  2. The teaching period has commenced. LMS units generally only begin to appear on or shortly after the first day of the semester. This is true for the majority of units, although a small number of Unit Coordinators may release their content early. If the semester has not started, wait until it does before looking for your units in LMS.
  3. There is an LMS entry for this particular unit. Some Unit Coordinators choose not to use LMS for their unit. If the semester has started and an enrolled unit is not showing in your LMS, you can contact your Unit Coordinator for more information.

If you still are unable to see units in LMS you have enrolled in or for further help using LMS visit the Student LMS Help section, contact the University Library for student IT support or Email Us to submit an enquiry.

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