Requesting a swap in CAS

How do I request a Swap in CAS?

Answer ID 3135 | Last updated on 24/10/2022 12.50 PM

To request a swap in CAS: 
  1. Log in to the Allocate Plus Student Module 
  2. In the Enrolments window (left side of the screen), click on any activity group that has the word ‘ADJUST’ next to it. A list of activities for that activity group will display.  
  3. Next to any Full activities, you will see a Swap Request button. Click on the Swap Request button for the activity you want.
  4.  A confirmation message is displayed for the swap request.
  5. Click OK if you agree to be moved, without further confirmation, once a place becomes available.
 After clicking ‘OK’, you will get one of two messages:
  • If you see the message ‘Swap Successful’, the system has found a matching request and instantly allocated you to your requested activity.
  • If you receive the message ‘Your swap will be processed once a place becomes available’, your swap is pending. This can happen if: 
    • There is no matching swap request at the moment. 
    • Something is preventing your allocation to the activity, such as a clash with another activity.
Unless your swap was instantly successful, a "Pending Swap" Button will appear next to the selected activity. 

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